Services and Products

United Glass offers turn key glazing packages from design through installation with a dedicated in house project management team and experienced on site installation teams. All products are specified, manufactured, and installed with attention to detail and performance to meet specific project needs.

Aluminum Façade

United glass offers a variety of engineered façade systems for use in ground floor to hire-rise applications.

Curtain Wall

Storefront & Curtain wall

Storefront systems are engineered to showcase building interiors and are used for ground floor to low-rise applications.

Curtain wall systems are specifically engineering for low to high rise clear span or punched opening applications.  Design requirements ensure proper performance and aesthetics for a building façade.

Window Wall Pic

Window wall/Ribbon wall

Window or Ribbon wall systems are commonly used for wide span punched open configurations and can span slab to slab with covers to mimic the continuous façade look of a curtain wall as a reduced cost.  Window walls can offer design features to meet these expectations such as various ventilating styles from projected casement to sliding windows, as well as terrace and sliding glass doors, all seamlessly integrated in the design

Operable glass wall

Operable glass wall system

Operable glass wall systems can be used in a variety of residential and commercial applications.  The function and beauty of an operable glass wall system transforms a fixed wall of an interior space into a flexible environment open to the outdoors. Both sliding or folding configurations provide unparalleled design possibilities without sacrificing performance.

All Glass Systems

United Glass offers commercial and residential  all glass systems that provide frameless design aesthetics while maximizing natural light

Entrances and façade

All glass entrances and façades combine the natural beauty and clarity of glass with  specific engineered hardware systems to achieve  your project goals. All glass entrances and facades may be used in various ground floor or low-rise clear span applications


All glass partitions allow flexible floor plans that provide transparency, safety, and sound control without sacrificing interior design. Glass partitions could be used in variety of commercial, hospitality, or residential applications.


Glass canopies  provide optically pleasing solution for any entry way or vestibule. Glass canopies maximize natural light, weather and UV protection, and noise control for commercial, hospitality, and mixed use applications. Combined with United Glass Groups’ R-Series smart radiant glass, overhead canopy design is never compromised by snow fall or frost.


United Glass provides turn key solutions for large or small window projects, and offers light commercial, commercial, and architecturally rated windows to meet or exceed project specifications.

Aluminum windows

United Glass provides the highest performing windows in all configurations to suit your project needs. Available systems from YKK, EFCO, and Winco offer unlimited design and performance options.

Composite Windows

United Glass offers solid core composite windows in numerous configurations, that maximize thermal performance and offer superior energy efficiency up to R-8. Composite windows are used in residential, light commercial, or commercial application and provide numerous design possibilities with natural wood interior or custom finished exteriors.

Specialty Glass Products

  • Smart Glass / Dynamic Glass
    • Vitrius R Series / Radiant Glass
    • Switchable Glass
  • Fire Rated Glass
    • Safety Glass
      • Laminated
      • Blast Glass / Balistic
      • Psychiatric Glass

Other Glass Products and Services:

United Glass offers full service glass replacements within a 25 mile radius of its fabrication facility in Pittston, PA. United Glass is able to supply practically any size or specification of glass to fit your replacement needs. Glass replacements for residential or commercial – clear, low-e, tempered, insulated glass, custom fabricated heavy glass, laminated glass.

  • Mirrors
  • Glass Shower Door Enclosures
  • Furniture Glass
    • Table Tops
    • Shelving
    • Desks