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United Glass Group R-Series

R-Series smart window and door systems, offer a highly efficient solution to any building structure.  Studies have proven that window and door openings are the largest source of a buildings heat loss, and consequently the largest culprit of thermal discomfort. According to ASHRAE, on average window openings account for 53% of total heat loss in a given building structure, making the openings the most inefficient part of the envelope. The use of R-Series not only solves this problem, but also transform the openings into an active area that outperforms all other areas of the envelope.

R-Series becomes a functional piece of equipment, rather than simply a passive day light opening, as it is charged with a nominal amount of electricity to efficiently produce radiant heat. This innovative technology eliminates all of the difficulties and disadvantages that are caused by the thermal insulation capabilities of glass. The heated glass surface eliminates the sensation of a cold ‘draft’, prevents condensation, and completely stops heat loss through the glass surface. Using United Glass Group’ state of the art control system in combination with R-Series, allows a user to enable R-Series as a sole heating source. R-Series may also easily be tied in with existing heating systems that are already incorporated in the building structure.

United Glass Group CoreComposite

CoreComposite window and door systems are specifically engineered to maximize whole system thermal and structural performance.  All United Glass Group window and door systems featuring CoreComposite technology are Energy Star and Energy Star Most Efficient recognized, exceeding industry energy efficiency performance standards.  In terms of thermal conductivity (k-value) CoreComposite outperforms all other framing materials; achieving lower k-values that are 62% better than wood, 77% better than fiberglass, and 4500% better than hollow aluminum profiles. Lower k-value offers greater design flexibility and larger openings, to maximize whole unit insulation values. When coupled with United Glass Group’ smart, dynamic R-Series glass, CoreComposite outperforms any other system in the market by blocking virtually all heat loss through the opening. The lower k-value also increases condensation resistance, eliminating moisture build up on the interior of the envelope thereby restricting fungal growth for a safer and healthier indoor environment.

United Glass Group CoreComposite window and door systems also offer superior strength and integrity. Fully welded corner joinery gives CoreComposite better structural performance, while improving air infiltration. This feature also makes fabrication easy and cost effective. CoreComposite profiles may also be bent for architectural shapes, and specialty configurations, thereby promoting unrestricted design possibilities.

United Glass Group Enertiv Energy

Enertiv’s solution consists of proprietary hardware, manufactured in the US, web-based monitoring and analytical software and integration services, all tailored  to help you reduce building’s energy consumption. Enertiv’s hardware has the ability to monitor how much electricity each circuit in your building is using in real time.

Enertiv’s software quickly analyzes and graphs this information, which is instantly available online. This comprehensive system groups circuits into categories like equipment type and location, showing you electricity consumption for each part of your building and your entire facility. High precision and granularity of this information allows monitoring of individual equipment, showing its run times, electricity use and associated cost. Once our system is installed, you can look at any time period from multiple years down to one minute.